3 Critical Ways To Increase Motivation


We could all improve our motivation – or at least we would like to be able to control it to a greater degree.  Being able to turn motivation on is the dream of many, but may not be impossible if we follow some basic principles.

Motivation Tip 1 – Taking Control

We don't need studies to tell us that we tend to become more motivated when we take control of a project, goal or task that we want to achieve.  Certainly, there are obstacles that can get in the way of motivation, but we typically do start out with a high level of motivation.  Lack of motivation typically emerges when we do not have control, don't agree with the direction or method of achieving a specific goal.  So, how do we improve our motivation?  Increase our level of control over any situation.  That may mean proposing alternate directions, methods or changing our situation entirely.

Motivation Tip 2 – Praise

We all need to build reinforcement into our daily lives in order to maintain a high level of motivation.  We can work on ourselves to reduce negative self-talk and improve our self-praise, seek out like-minded achievers that will not attack us but instead will praise and work with us to achieve our end.

Motivation Tip 3 – Your Inner Purpose and Belief Guides You

So many people are heading in a direction either in their personal or professional lives that is incongruent with their inner values and beliefs – no wonder they can't achieve a constant state of motivation.  In fact, you can look at how motivated you are as a guage to understand how well aligned your actions are with your beliefs and values.

Want to improve the motivation level of your kids in school or sports, your own personal motivation, motivaton of your workers or employees – make sure you build more control, praise and alignment in with your plans.


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