3 Be's Of Living A Happy And Productive Life


If you are looking at this year to be the one that is different, the one where you put into action a different life plan, where you finally move from wishing and dreaming about happiness and productivity into one where you REALIZE the joy, confidence and excitement associated with achieving happiness, then try implementing these 3 concepts NOW!

1. Be Clear 

It's pretty hard to achieve a desired state or outcome without being clear on what that desired outcome is and really internalizing it to the point of actually FEELING the results of having achieved that state or outcome.  Clarity not only provides focus, a clear objective and direction forward but by tying together the highly emotional feelings associated with achieving your desired outcome you generate momentum toward its realization.  If you are struggling to find your purpose, your desired outcome or your plan – use the lesson inside Get Unstuck In Life to set the foundation for a wildly happy, joyful and productive life.

2. Be Sure

What most people who have wishes, dreams and even plans to improve their lives lack is certainty.  They may have a plan to be happier, improve their health, be more social, attract more good people into their lives, to change their job for a better one, etc…but they lack true conviction because deep-down they do not firmly believe that they will achieve it.  Replace doubt, fear and concern with unshakable certainty (reinforced by watching others who have achieved what you are looking to achieve) and you will have found the missing piece that complete the puzzle

3. Be Aware

When you have clarity and you have a certainty-backed purpose in your life then all that remains is that you put your plans in action and that you consciously live your life to fulfill those desired outcomes.  If you know that meditation twice daily makes you happier, then be aware of your schedule and how you use your time making sure you prioritize actions to fit meditation in every day.  If you know that being around positive, like-minded people is what makes you happier and more productive, then be aware of who you are around at all times and use your control to change who you are around so that you put the odds in your favor

You are empowered to go out and live the life you want to live – a few simple steps are all that stand between you, your desired life and realizing your dreams.

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