20 Ways To Boost Your Energy Fast!

Unstoppable Energy

Unstoppable Energy

One of the main reasons we packaged our years of research and practice on Achieving Greatness in your life was to create the energy, inner power, desire and happiness no matter what state your life may be in at the moment.

Increasing energy is certainly a key part of improving all aspects of your life from relationships to your ability to earn money and live the lifestyle you truly desire.

Many of us struggle daily with low energy.  We find it hard to get up in the morning, we just can't seem to hit our peak potential for more than an hour a day before we get tired again.  We can't seem to stay awake when we hit mid-afternoon.  Exercise just isn't possible when we can barely function.  Even with 8-hours of sleep or more, we still feel tired when we wake up.

Does this sound like you?

Ok, here are 20 quick ways you can boost your energy, climb out of the rut you are in and begin to really LIVE life again – even at this dreary time of year.

1.  Make small, but important changes to your diet.  This time of year many of us crave more sweets and carbs – begin by replacing one snack or meal with healthier options.  Instead of a muffin, donut, bread or sweet snack, try some vegetables like carrots, broccoli, a salad for lunch.  Within a few days you will notice the energy boost.

2. Cat naps. Try taking a 20-minute nap in the afternoon, you will notice the energy boost soon after you wake up.

3. Exercise. Ok, so if you can't fathom taking off for 1-hour to the gym or going for a run, start with a vigorous 20-minute walk first thing in the morning.  What ever you choose, do it consistently for at least 7-days and you will notice the difference.

4. Lighten up! Schedule 2-3 times during the day when you think of something funny and have a good laugh – laughing is a great stress buster and will help to boost your energy

5. Take breaks. It doesn't matter what you are doing, change it up.  Doing the same thing over and over places our brain into a patterned state of paralysis – frequent changes to our thinking and actions during the day keep your brain fresh and your energy up too.

6. Drink lots of water. Most people are quite dehydrated on any given day making them feel weak and even ill – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…oh and really try to make it water so that you aren't filling yourself with sugar-filled juices or soft drinks

7. Meditate – if I had to apply one single method to reduce stress and boost my energy it would be meditation.  By meditating just 20-minutes each day you will experience rejuvination and energy that you may have not even believed existed within you.  That's certainly what happened to me – it's all explained in detail in "Attracting Greatness"

8. Deep breathing. Closely linked with meditation – take 5-minutes at least 3-times each day to take 10 deep breaths, hold it for 15-seconds and exhale slowly.  I like to imagine all the negativity and toxicity leaving my system each time I exhale.

9. Make time for your friends. All work and no play makes a low energy day.

10. Live On Purpose – if you haven't yet discovered your passionate purpose in life, then use this blueprint – watch your energy soar once you wake up each day fully aligned with your purpose.

11. Have a creative hobby. Most of use our analytical brain nearly 100% of the time, but add stress to our system by not tapping into our creative side.  Try drawing, music, yoga, or creative puzzles to get the creative juices flowing.

12. Challenge yourself. Create goals and objectives and celebrate the little victories as you reach each of these goals

13. Add variety to your schedule. Try changing up your schedule – wake up earlier, eat something different for breakfast, take a different route to work, watch a different TV channel, try a new activity – anything to mix it up.

14 Cleanse your body. Believe me when I say that you are probably extremely toxic – and that no matter how hard you work on your mind, if your body is toxic, you will NOT be happy, energetic or able to achieve the smallest objective in your life.  I went through a health crisis when I was 22 because of toxicity – within 6-weeks of understand what was going on, I had more energy than EVER before…my entire story of overcoming this most common type of toxicity (over 80% of us have it) is outlined in the 5 Pillars to Greatness.

15. Get outside. It doesn't matter if it is 90-degrees or 0-degrees, getting 10-15 minutes of fresh air is critical to both our physical and emotional wellness and energy level

16. Giving love – and receiving love.  It has been proven again and again that the act of helping someone – of giving love is emotionally energizing and often is returned to us leading to more fulfillment and energy

17. Overcome your fears – many of us live in a near constant state of fear.  Fear of failing, fear of loss, fear of losing something or someone, fear of looking foolish, fear of our own ability to handle a situation, fear of others…and so on.  By recognizing and overcome these fears we unleash near boundless energy just waiting deep within us.

18. Consistent sleep patterns. Each of us do vary in how much sleep we need – but science has proven that energy levels and our immune systems (for most of us) need between 6-8 hours of solid sleep.  Solid sleep is helped along by having consistent times to sleep and letting go of stress and thoughts that burden us before going to bed.

19. Limit alcohol and coffee. Look – I like my two cups of coffee each day and I like to have a drink or two on weekends, but I try not to drink coffee after 2PM in the afternoon, mix decaf with regular to limit caffeine, and try and go easy on my organs by having 2-3 drinks maximum – trying not to have them later than 4PM so it has minimal impact on my sleep.

20. Get the right balance of vitamins…vitamin D in the winter, vitamin C for immune function and a good balance of fruit and veggies.  I am not a huge fan of fruit and vegetables – just ask my wife.  For me, juicing is the answer – I can get all of the benefit in a couple of glasses of fresh fruit and vegetable juice without added sugar or wasted calories.

Do you have energy boosters to share – leave us a comment by clicking on the Comment bubble to the top right of this post – I'm sure we have missed some!

Above all else – let's get more energy together!

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December 16, 2009

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