2-Step Success Process


Could the process toward achieving success in our lives be this simple?

Step 1:  Look inward to find passions, strengths and interests that lay the foundation for our intention (to live in alignment with our passions and interests) – look wide and come up with a complete inventor.  Don't edit any of them in this process because how we apply these intentions to our action is not always obvious at first

I always like to refer to this Helen Keller quote:

"What I am looking for is not out there … It's in me" – Helen Kellar

Step 2: We restrict our goals, objectives and intentions to only include those items derived from #1.  This involves two methods a) Being brutally honest and throw out those goals, actions and behaviors that are not in line with our intentions and b) Looking for ways to more closely align our goals, actions with these intentions.  In some cases it is possible to change how we pursue our goals to align better with our intentions

So many times we error in one of these two areas – we either look outward for our guidance instead of looking inward and/or we do a poor job of editing our actions and goals in line with our internal intentions.

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