15 Minute Remedy For Brain Fog


At a recent visit with my alternative health coach we talked about feeling "spacey" – a feeling I had known well in the past while fighting off a system-wide yeast infection (starting in my gut) that would knock the toughest of men flat on their butt!

This time was different though – I had the yeast problem licked, I was eating better than ever before, on a good regime of meditation and relaxation, but still there was this spaciness.  I had the feeling something was holding me back.  That's when we talked about a little known remedy for brain fog that started with an "aura clearing".

What is your aura?

Our bodies (atoms, molecules, thoughts, consciousness) give off energy.  Your aura is often described by the reaction of that energy with the rest of the universe manifesting itself as a light or color.  What is important is that the energy you emit to the universe is dependent on your health, your state of wellness, your thoughts and emotional health.  So, it only makes sense that improving your aura can be a viable remedy for brain fog.

Not only is your energy and aura impacted by present thoughts and health, but is especially impacted by past imprinting – without you even knowing.  The smallest of events, occurrences or experiences can leave imprints on your energy resulting in a collective slowing down of your overall aura.  That's when I agree to try a guided visual aura cleansing session as a remedy for brain fog.

It turned out to be very powerful, very relaxing and I really did feel better after.  In just 15 minutes using this guided aura cleansing, I ended up much more alert, with more energy and it worked as a remedy for brain fog.  

Now, at least once each week I plug the CD in and keep up with this remedy for brain fog – making sure I cleanse my aura regularly although I am convinced the very first session alone gave me the biggest advantage in terms of "cleaning house"

So – if you struggle with "spaciness", low energy,  negative thoughts or other emotional issues then try this 15 minute remedy for brain fog called "Cleansing Your Aura" – I think you will find, like I did, it was the best 15-minutes you have ever spent.




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