10 Ways To Grow Your Courage In Life


More than ever before, wouldn't it make a massive difference in your life if you had more courage?

If you could grow your courage in life you could…

  • Meet the guy or girl of your dreams
  • Influence others to see our point of view
  • Get that dream promotion or dream job
  • Confidently start a new career or business
  • Make up with a family member we may regret having alienated in the past
  • Attract others toward us
  • Stand up to someone who is emotionally or physically abusing us
  • Pursue your dreams despite the risks
  • Gain self confidence that would allow us to show the world what we are really capable of
  • Be happier and healthier with less stress and anxiety
  • Stick to our diet and exercise plan to lose weight and be live a healthier life
  • Stand up for ourselves preventing people from walking all over us

It seems not matter what change we are looking for in life, courage is a mandatory trait that stands between our wishes/dreams and realizing our goals.

Here are 10 ways that you can grow your courage in life, live stronger, be happier and improve those around you.

1. Face Your Fear.  Before you can grow your courage you must face the fears that have so far defeated you in life.  Once we face our fears we can move past them and improve our courage

2. Constant Learning.  We often lack courage about things we do not understand.  By embracing our natural curiosity and feeding our human need to learn we can improve our understanding and increase our courage at the same time

3. Meditate And Grow.  Meditation is much easier than many people believe and the ultimate result is being able to lower our fear, anxiety and stress while improving our courage to pursue our dreams with full intensity

4. Eliminate the "Crutches".  Many people use alcohol, drugs, sex or gambling as methods to make themselves temporarily feel courageous, but really dig themselves a deeper hole as they wake up the next day realizing they are further from their goal than ever

5. Model Other Courageous People.  Seek out and review daily inspirational stories of courageous people.  People with courage area all around us…dealing with chronic illness, past tragedy or just those that have figured out how to live a life of inspiration and courage rather than fear and negativity

6. Live On Purpose.  When you are driven by a highly emotional purpose, you will be amazed at how deep you can dig and how much courage you can find within yourself

7. Live With Passion.  Stop settling for less, go after your dreams, make living your passion a daily habit and watch your courage grow

8. Get Rid Of Negativity and Embrace Courageous Friends.  Change your environment to one where you are surrounded by courage while reducing your exposure to those who consistently lack courage and are not dedicated to constantly improving their lives

9. Shift Your Perspective.  Often when we lack courage we are focused entirely on ourselves and our role in life, when we shift our focus to others we can improve our own courage as we summon the ability to have empathy and help others

10. Make Living With Courage A Daily Habit.  Like any habit (good or bad), we need to start with consistency and repetition.  So, commit to practicing courage for the next 14-days and soon you will find it has become a natural habit and you will have to put less and less conscious thought into what will become a sub-conscious life practice for you

Have you had situations, events or changes in your life where you felt courageous?  Do you wish you could have courage more consistently in your life?

Leave us a comment and share your thoughts on living a life of courage.

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