10 Ways To Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Life

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95% of us don't get enough exercise in our day to stay healthy, happy and energetic. 

When we talk about being peak performers, overcoming procrastination, setting goals and achieving them and getting unstuck in our lives…how can we possibly do that while remaining sedentary?

Exercise does so many things that enhances our quality of life, physical and emotional health:

  • Keeps our stress level down
  • Helps regulate our blood sugar level
  • Regulates the production of chemicals that help us stay positive
  • Keep our minds healthy and active improving thinking, analysis, judgement and memory
  • Helps maintain proper DNA and cell activity warding off cancers and inlammatory diseases
  • Maintains a healthy balance of fat and muscle helping save our tissue and organs from dangerous toxins

Yet, when we look at a typical daily schedule without exercise we may wonder…how can we possibly fit 30-45 minutes MORE into our day for exercise?

Here are 10 Ways To Get More Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule

1. Get up 30-minutes earlier.  Most of us wake up at between 6:30 and 7:30 AM, the impact of 30-minutes less sleep versus getting 30-45 minutes of quality exercise make it a no-brainer – get the exercise and try to regain that 30-minutes by going to bed earlier.  Either way, we tend to need more sleep when we are sedentary than active

2. Take the stairs. If you walk to work or work in an office where you typically take the elevator, then take the stairs instead.  By taking the stairs 4-5 floors 4X each day you get the equivilant exercise of a 30-minute walk

3. Take short 10-minute walks on your breaks.  If you are studying, working or just kicking back and relaxing – we all need a break, instead of grabbing a snack, watching TV or getting a cup of coffee, take a walk or job instead

4. Break it into parts.  While finding a block of time 45-minutes long may be impossible with your current schedule, try fitting 10-minutes in 4X a day to get the same effect

5. Get the gym when you can.  Too many people avoid the gym because they get down on themselves and feel they can't commit to a set schedule.  But, there are often 2-3 times a week where you can fit the gym into your schedule, so loosen up and take those times as they come

6. Do something fun.  We always think of exercise as painful or doing things we don't really enjoy doing – but what if we just took a 20-minute bike ride after work or walked/jogged by a stream during lunch?  Think of fun ways to get exercise and enjoy it!

7. Are you a golfer – park that cart!  I'm guilty too, but walking 18-holes on a golf course gets you the daily exercise you need, so park that cart and take a walk

8. Fit in a quick 20.  Even if you are strapped to your office, hotel or house – nothing stops you from doing a quick 20 sit-ups, push-ups, curls or jogging on the spot for 5-10 minutes…it all adds up and you will be amazed at how easy it can be to fit 30-45 minutes of activity in on the busiest of days

9. Exercise while you watch TV.  If you televevision in your relaxation, then jog on the spot, work through a floor routine of crunches and push ups or work your treadmill as you watch your favorite show.  Not only will you relax, but you will get getting fit in the process

10. Take up a sport that is both fun, challenging, allows you to network and gives you the exercise you need a few times each week.  Swim, golf, hockey, soccer, frisbee – these are all terrific, fun activities that you can commit to and get the exercise you need at the same time.

At the end of the day, you have to believe that getting 30-45 minutes of exercise each day will be a huge benefit to you…once you make that decision, you will find a way.

Do you have another way that people can get their exercise in a busy day? Leave a comment.

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