10 Ways To Be More Extroverted (For Introverts)


Do you ever have people tell you, "you're too quiet"?

Or maybe it's just you that notice everyone seems to be talking or involved in a conversation except you?

We all have situations where we feel out of place, like the entire room is looking at us saying…"look at that poor person over there, they have nobody to talk to!"

Certainly we all have different personalities, some of us are quieter and some seem to talk on the drop of a dime.

But what happens if you are constantly feeling like you are introverted, shy or unable to start or carry on conversations…and that it is really bothering you to always be the one that is left out of social situations…is there something you can do?

10 Ways to Be More Extroverted If Your Tendancy is Introvert

1. Appear Interested.  What makes many people notice someone quiet is not that they are quiet, but that they appear not interested in what is going on.  So, make an extra effort to listen, make eye contact, nod and appear interested in what is going on around you.  Extroverts seek acknowledgement, if you give them some, you will appear less out of place

2. Focus on something other than yourself.  Thinking everyone else is focused on you only makes you more nervous, so put the focus elsewhere

3. Find something interesting about someone (by listening) and then turn the conversation that way so you can be a more active part of the social situation

4. If you are left alone or there is silence for a time, don't get nervous, just ride it out knowing their are gaps in any social situation and it will change soon

5. Learn to ask questions.  If you have trouble starting conversations, the best method is to ask someone a question like "Did you watch XYZ on TV last night?  Or Did you hear about…" 

6. Don't look afraid or mad…the two most common looks projected by people when they are uncomfortable is fear or anger.  Get used to smiling or looking happy even if you are uncomfortable inside

7. Be a part of the group, don't isolate yourself.  If everyone is sitting in one room and talking, don't feel that just because you are quiet you need to go to another room, instead be a part of the main room and you will find places to enter the conversation

8. Positive self talk…before you become part of a social situation keep telling yourself "I am going to be comfortable, happy and involved in tonight's event" , "People will like what I have to say and I will like what they have to say" 

9.  Make fun of yourself.  Only comfortable people make fun of themselves, so by making a joke about something you did or something that happened to you will show others that you are comfortable in your own skin

10.  Work on your self confidence, practice meditation and affirmations to strengthen your character to the point where you can handle the most uncomfortable of situations. 

Very few people are true extroverts, and those that are may appear to be the life of the party but are typically quite unbalanced themselves.  So with these tips you can transition from thinking of yourself as an uncomfortable introvert to a comfortable, happy and fun to be around social communicator.

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