10 Surefire Stress Busters For Busy People


We have to stop sticking our head in the sand when it comes to understanding how significant the impact of stress has on our lives.  Stress has been proven to play a role in…

  • depression
  • relationship trouble such as separation and divorce
  • health problems, most recently Type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular health
  • sleep and alertness
  • overall happiness
  • social infolvement
  • addictions such as alcohol and drugs
  • overall health and economic system

Stress can really sit as the eye of the hurricane causing damage all around us and yet we still try and ignore or even worse, bury the surefire symptoms of stress rather than stepping up and dealing with it as it appears in our lives.

In addition to these 4 stress busting techniques, there are 10 surefire tips proven to reduce stress quickly and easily in your life

1. Learn to breath properly.  Deep, full, controlled breaths can wash away the most stressful response from your body and mind.

2. Deal with past demons.  We all have them – and they can be the source of more turmoil in our lives than you would have ever dreamed.  In as little as 10-minutes you can purge your system of years of past issues by experiencing a purifying Aura Clearing

3. Keep something funny close by.  I have a favorite cartoon that sits beside my home office desk that I refer to at least once each week when things get a little crazy.  Each evening I try and watch a rerun of my favorite comedy sitcoms.  Whatever your technique is, make sure you take time to laugh each day – it's an amazing elixer.

4. Have a healthy sex life.  Studies have demonstrated that healthy sexual activity is a powerful stress reliever – all I can say here is WHY NOT!

5. Take 30-minutes to calm your mind before heading to bed each night.  Sleeping problems and lack of quality sleep are major reasons behind increased stress levels in the population today – a big part of getting proper sleep is maintaining a consistent sleep schedule leaving time to unwind before putting on your Superman PJ's

6. Eat properly.  When your blood sugar level is peaking and flat lining like a rollercoaster or your self-image is decimated by weight gain you are only adding to your stress problem. 

7. Put things into perspective.  A very common sign of heightened stress levels is that you blow everything out of proportion.  If you think you are under stress, frustrated or out of control imagine those less fortunate than yourself in far worse conditions – it's often a sobering way to let yourself off the hook and lower your overall stress level

8. Learn to meditate.  So many people struggle with meditation, thinking it should be automatic then completely frightened by the realization that they don't even know how to relax.  Stealing 20-minutes each day to have as just yours will lower stress levels and make you a better person in the end

9. Keep better company.  Have you ever noticed your own stress response peaks when you are around others who are not handling stress well?  In fact, I can be completely calm and then thrown into a situation with someone who handles stress poorly and immediately feel the impact they have on my own energy – don't put up with it – move on to better, more positive company.  If you can't avoid them altogether, then limit their time in your day.

10. Don't be afraid…a great deal of your stress comes from knowing you could be somewhere else, doing something else where YOU are in control yet you are stuck following or listening to some other bozo who doesn't care a hoot about what you need in your life.  Don't be afraid to make a leap on your own to protect your own beliefs, values and wishes in life – in the end you will be healthier and happier than if you didn't

As I mentioned above, we are in an epidemic of stress management problems – these 10 methods will help but I also realize we all need to contribute to this list…

What methods help you handle stress in your life?

Are you better to avoid certain situations or are there other stress management techniques you can share?



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