10 Signs You Are Too Set In Your Comfort Zone


The more life experience I have and the more I study other successful and happy people in life I realize that pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone is not only desirable but is necessary to grow and enjoy life.

Before we can achieve anything in life we must see it, believe it and then do it…each of these will take us beyond our comfort zone and so it really is true that growth and happiness starts where your comfort zone ends.  When we live like this we tend to fall into the trap of procrastination.

That said, we don't have to be on edge or pushing ourselves every single minute of every day, but there are times in our life when you do need to push yourself outside of your comfort zone until that becomes a daily habit for you (at which point it is neither uncomfortable or undesirable)

How do you know if you are too set in your comfort zone?

  1. You no longer get excited over your thoughts or activities for 3 or more days in a row
  2. You find yourself with more free time with which to question yourself and engage in negative self talk
  3. You have reached a plateau, the results you are seeing are either slowing, have stopped or are even moving backwards
  4. Your friends begin to engage others, you get the sense they may be moving on without you
  5. You haven't felt uncomfortable or challenged in some time
  6. You do things the same way, in the same order each day
  7. You are sleeping longer and find it harder to wake up energized in the morning
  8. You are staying up late frequently watching TV, playing video games or using other passive means to occupy your mind
  9. When you ask yourself "What have I learned today-this week-this month" you are hard-pressed to come up with an answer
  10. You feel stuck in a rut, less useful, like you are not making a difference and certainly aren't having much fun

Any of these alone can mean you are entering or are living too set in your comfort zone, if more than one of these apply to you then it's certainly time to push yourself and escape the trap of living within your comfort zone.

Basic human needs including learning, growing and being part of society…when you are stuck in your comfort zone these needs are not being addressed leading to destructive, defensive behavior such as over-eating, addiction, depression, etc…

Do you find you know when you are living too comfortably within your comfort zone?


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