10 Self-Improvement Tips


Leaders in business and life dedicate themselves to a lifetime of constant and continual learning, never reaching the point where they "know it all…"

One of the major areas they continually invest in is improving themselves.  Whether it be Donald Trump, Bill Gates, or Bill Clinton – these people all seek out ways to improve their lives and their self-knowledge.

Here are 10 self-improvement tips you can use to get more happiness and reward out of life:

1. Pay attention to your health.  Stay close to your idea weight, exercise your heart regularly.  Over at Rapid Weight Loss there are many tips and techniques for making sure you are living a healthy, happy, high-energy lifestyle

2. Learn to manage (even embrace) stress. Stress can affect your health, judgement, energy, and your results – so get a handle on your stress.

3. Live your passion.  Your starting point for finding happiness and success in life is to start with what you love

4. Do what you are good at.  Closely linked with your interests and passions – recognize what things you do well and make sure you align your lifestyle and business around what you do best.  Give yourself that advantage

5. Learn to see opportunities.  So many people are too busy telling people what they know, they completely miss the triggers that indicate massive demand within different markets or the demands of key people in your lives.

6. Keep yourself on course.  As you accomplish milestones and goals within your life, it's easy to become distracted if you take your eye off the ball.  Enjoy your accomplishments, but be ready to set out on new journeys

7. Continue to work on yourself.  Keep trying new approaches, new ways of gaining insight and apply those to various parts of your life

8. Push yourself beyond your comfort level.  Great things begin to happen once you overcome that queasy, fear-laden feeling of not wanting to venture beyond your comfort zone.  The end result is never as bad as you think it will be – so give it a try

9. Change your contacts.  Avoid negative "toxic" people.  Just as foods and impurities can cause toxic reactions in your body – so can negative people.  Spend less time with negative people and more time with positive people.

10.  Learn to work with others.  You will achieve great things in your life by learning to engage, persuade and help other people.  A strong tendancy for many of us is to keep our challenges under wraps and not engage other people when the opposite is often the best way

Apply these self-improvement tips consistently and you will experience more happiness and greater rewards in your life.

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October 24, 2007

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