10 Self Confidence Shockers!


Sure, we all know people who are more self-confident than others – who always seem to be comfortable, happy and on top of their game.  But, if asked, the vast majority of us can think of situations, times, and examples where we wished we could have more self-esteem and self confidence. 

But, if we know self confidence is so important and we all seek more of it…why are our assumptions about this powerful concept so incredibly WRONG!

We all know the incredible results of building self confidence can have on our lives – right?

  • We can instantly influence others to like us and do what we want
  • There seems to be no end to our personal power and energy
  • Suddenly, we can live a stress free life that is fun and crazy all of the time
  • We can attract those who fall for us as if we had some magical, mystical power over them
  • Things get done with much less effort – productivity is instant and work is a thing of the past
  • We are healthier than ever, our bodies work optimally making sickness and disease go away
  • Getting up in the morning is fun, we use our creativity and get to live at our best the majority of the time
  • We are engaged in life enjoying every moment sucking in the sweet fragrance of peace and joy
  • Fear doesn't stop us, our self confidence eclipses challenges and fears in our life
  • Boundless courage to take on new challenges and do what we secretly have wanted to do for years is now the new normal in our life

Self confidence and self-esteem are the critical building blocks to improving the way we live, how much joy, health and wealth that we choose to attract…. but did you know….

These 10 Shocking Facts About Self Confidence

1. Nobody can "give" or even evaluation your current level of self confidence from the outside – no matter how close they are to you.  Your level of self-confidence that you cultivate in your life comes entirely from YOU.  Inside the Achieving Greatness Method For Maximum Success, there is a reference to several methods anyone can use to draw more self confidence from within their own life almost instantly.  The longer we go on expecting others to hand us  self esteem through their comments, actions or gifts, the longer we will do without true inner confidence. 

2. The key to self-confidence is not only a way of behaving or a positive mental attitude – instead our sense of value of self is based heavily on how aligned we are with our inner life purpose.  We can experience a great day and assume our self confidence is riding high only to come crashing down the next day when our day doesn't go as well.  Instead of working on any one moment or day, focusing on how well aligned your plan and actions are with you inner life purpose will ensure more consistent levels of peak self-esteem.

3. Ignore everyone who teaches you how to improve your self confidence WITHOUT teaching you how to draw your confidence from within.  Motivational speakers, trainers and gurus should be ignored UNLESS they get you closer to realizing your own inner purpose and existing volcano of self confidence within you right now

4. The loudest and proudest are not always the most confidenct.  In fact one of the things you learn if you live on this earth long enough and observe and interact with people is that the loudest are often covering up for a rather severe lack of self confidence, yet we often hold ourselves up to these people as we desire to be more like them.  Get over those comparisons – instead substitute a greater awareness of how you really feel within

5. Seeking approval is a disease – here's the cure…have a strong set of internal principles and objectives based on your life purpose so that you can deflect external criticism which is often the result of others who are less confident than you

6. Be clear with your objectives – fuzzy, ill defined objectives or goals lead to inevitable failure, you are setting yourself of for failure and low self confidence if you set goals that are simply general to be achievable.  There is nothing more empowering than having a short set of clearly defined goals based on what is truly important to you and making progress each day toward realizing those goals

7. Deal with FEAR – get to the root of why you are afraid, what are you afraid of and why.  Put fear into perspective – learn to embrace what you are today afraid of as a means to achieving a bigger outcome – your life purpose.  Much of our fear is rooted in not being liked or included when the exact opposite is true.  Let me ask you…who do we follow the most, those with weak, floppy ideals and behavior or those that are strong and lead the pack?  Putting yourself out there is THE way to get respect even though we all fear taking this leap

8. Give back – before you get.  Many of us are guilty of setting goals for giving conditional upon getting something back.  Unfortunately we never see the universal response to unconditional giving which can be great.  Step up and help someone right now, you will get double back and your self esteem will be dramatically boosted

9. Balance the risk of doing with the risk of NOT doing.  We tend to only look at what IF instead of the what IF NOT.  Yes, we need to consider risk, but 90% of the time our assessment of risk is completely wrong as we over-estimate the risk of taking a certain action and severaly underestimate the lack of acting

10. Yes – self-confidence can be developed – and in a very short period of time.  Many believe that they are born and must always lack self confidence, that there is no way they can turn their shyness, anxiety, fear and lack of courage into a more positive, proactive, self confident life when we have seen it done thousands of time with students of the "Achieving Greatness Success Formula". 

Which leads us to the most shocking tip about your level of self confidence of all…that you control every ounce of your current and future self confidence no matter who you are, where you have been or where your life will go in the future.  Go back and read the benefits of improved self confidence at the beginning of this post – you are in direct control of these factors in your life.

Your ability to activate that change starts with the fundamental belief that YOU, and YOU alone are the catalyst behind how self confident and self assured you are and ultimately, how positive your life is in the area of health, relationships, happiness and finances.  Are you SHOCKED?  I hope so, that means you will take action.  Start by visiting The Achieving Greatness Formula and putting your plan of action together now.

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