10 Most Effective Stress Busters…


Are you stressed out?  Experiencing digestive problems or other health challenges?  Do you snap at everyone around you even though you really want to be nice to them?  Are you constantly overreacting to everything around you?  Do you sometimes wonder who has taken over your mind?

That happens to the best of us when we become chronically stressed.

Here are 10 super stress buseters you can use to break free of chronic stress.

  1. Get doing something. Don't just sit there. Move! According to many psychologists, motion creates emotion. You might notice that when you are idle, it's easier to become depressed. Your heart rate slows down, less oxygen travels to your brain, and you are slumped somewhere in a chair blocking air from reaching your lungs.
  2. Change up your routine forces yourself to "smell the roses" appreciating what is around you instead of taking it for granted or ignoring all of the good things around you.   Take a different route to work, have something different for breakfast, associate with different people, try and different approach to getting what you want – anything to change up your day.
  3. Displace feelings of anxiety and stress with action.  Sitting and stewing about something will only create more anxiety and stress, but going out and doing something will result in your stress simply evaporating away.
  4. Know what makes entertains you, makes you comfortable and makes you laugh – then schedule time to experience that peace and enjoyment each day.  Make it as important as eating, going to work or any other daily activities you may have.  I enjoy reading positive books or ebooks, watching funny TV shows and meditating so I make time for each of these daily.
  5. Meditate or pray each day.  It may seem selfish, taking 20-minutes out of your day JUST for YOU – but the peace and joy that 20-minutes can give you will be reflected in many more acts of kindness you can share with others
  6. Embrace stress rather than worry about it.  Some stress in our lives is a good thing – it's what gives us the extra energy to accomplish great things, or avoid pain in our lives.  Understand that in certain circumstances stress can be a very useful driver as long as we don't get subsumed by it chronically.
  7. Study successful people are great at managing stress – how do they do it?  Look at how they handle stress and what alternative behaviors and thought processes they put into place to manage stress.
  8. Build your own self-confidence and self-esteem.  A great amount of negative stress comes from our own lack of confidence in how we will react to stress.  The more confidence we have in ourselves handling stressful situations in our lives the less pressure we place and the less impact stress will have.
  9. Understand your personality, beliefs and how those relate to your stress hot buttons.  If you are "researcher" personality type, then you must know that other associating or working for others with different personality types will result in frustration and stress – knowing this up-front allows you to handle those situations better.
  10. LIve like a child.  Ask yourself, what would my 8-year old son or daughter do here?  They enjoy the moment, they brush off any worry, they focus on having fun right now – so should you.

These stress busters have been extremely helpful to me and those around me – hope they work for you too…

Have other stress busters you have found helpful – submit a comment we would love to hear them.


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