10 Most Common Pieces Of Advice You Would Have Given Yourself 10 Years Ago?


Here's an interesting exercise, what piece of advice would you have given yourself that you know now but did NOT know 10-years ago?

In other words, what have you learned about life today that you did not know 10-years ago and had you known, life would have been easier, better or more relaxed?

When it comes to self growth and self improvement, you are on a life-long journey and the only question is how fast will that journey proceed and how can you kick-start your learning so that you can improve at a faster rate than you are today?

Here are 10 that you I came up with, can you add to the list?

Top 10 Pieces Of Advice I Would Give To Myself 10-Years Earlier

1. Worry Less – Enjoy Life More: 99% of what you are worried or concerned about is WAY overblown.  Don't worry – focus on being happier

2. Failure Isn't Embarrassing, people don't look down on you because you tried and are stumbling to find your way…in fact, it makes you MORE appealing

3. Screw Fear! Most of what you are afraid of is made up in your own head and only serving to hold you back – don't let fear limit your true potential

4. Don't Waste A Precious Moment, always be questioning why you are doing what you are doing.  It's ok to relax intentionally as part of a bigger life plan, but don't waste time to uncertainty – you don't have as much as you think

5. Forget Controlling Others – put aside trying to control other people or situations, instead focus on controlling yourself, chart your own course, stay focused and live on purpose

6. Ignore Negative People –  no matter who they are.  You will find 10-years from now you will regret tremendously having let other people interfere with your energy and your progress, so stop in right now in its tracks

7. Expect More Of Yourself …way too many of us look back and see what we have accomplished but know we potentially could have achieved much more.  You want to shoot for the moon and hit the stars rather than shooting for a mountain and hitting the ground

8. Stop Fooling Yourself…stay real with yourself and identify where you need to improve and get to it rather than constantly making up stories why you don't need to improve

9. Always Look Up To Learn – Seek out and learn from those above you – teachers, trainers, peers, achievers, mentors, etc…  You don't hand over control, you simply take control and leverage all that has gone before you

10. Don't Put It Off, Do The Important Stuff Now. That goes for living healthier, learning more, taking chances, making a difference, improving yourself, etc…It's too easy to let procrastination and putting things off turn into bad habits, break that today and 10 years from now you will be in a much better place

What can you add to the list?

What is the biggest thing you have learned over the last 10-years that would have dramatically changed things for you had you known 10-years ago?  


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