10 Keys To Improving Your Life


improve your life

Are you frustrated, depressed or angry about where you are in your life right now?

Wish you could improve your life?

It's been proven time and time again that taking action (starting with learning these 10 simple principles below) is the way to climb out of your funk and begin your journey to the good life that you seek.

Often what holds us back in life is not so much the situations or people that are part of our journey, but the beliefs, thoughts and behaviors of our own doing that prove to be the resistance to achieving all we desire and more.

Within these 10 keys you will notice that ALL are directly within your control to first, be aware, and second to transform so that you completely change your results – these work if you put them to work.

1. If you are not enthusiastic and motivated by the majority of your life, then you MUST make changes or they will be made for you

2.  No matter how open-minded and receptive you think you are, you package a very deep list of pre-conceived beliefs and thoughts that hold you back – the sooner you can become aware of them, the sooner you can control them to support your growth and ambition

3. To influence, persuade and attract you must first be known.  If you are someone that shrinks, hides, always tries to fit in…then you are doing the opposite of getting attention making you less attractive, less persuasive and less known

4.  You can envy those above you, but never shut them out due to anger or jealousy – instead seek to learn, connect and leverage what they know and what they have done

5.  If you are not learning the majority of time, then you are heading in the wrong direction.  Not only is learning necessary to stay ahead in life, it is a fundamental human need…if you are depriving yourself of learning then you are shutting down your humanity

6.  There is no middle-ground when it comes to designing how your life is lived.  You are the designer or other people will design it for you – either way, you must live with it.  It is up to you to take control, you should not seek permission or wait another minute

7.  Try listening to your instincts more when you make decisions – ask yourself "how do I feel about this" and only give yourself 5-10s, any longer and your mind will begin to play games

8.  Know that nothing of value is built without 10X more effort and focus that you believe will need to be spent.  That's why you want to focus on those things you are MOST motivated by so that the effort and focus will be sustained

9.  Never compromise your pathway for those around you…you will meet new friends and those that choose to stay behind will be inspired

10.  Carve your own path, yes you can take advice and input, but ultimately this is your unique journey and only YOU can make it happen

This is not just ANY list, these are observations taken directly from our own incredible life journey as well as the lives of some of the leaders in our world today…

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