10 Amazing Benefits of Beginners Yoga


It's not just celebrities that practice yoga and meditation, chances are that you know someone in your household, at work or in your social circles that is trying or regularly attends yoga classes or takes some instruction in yoga. 

There are 3 major reasons that people consider, and then move ahead with yoga instruction…

1. Social motivators – many of us begin yoga and meditation because of friends or family, we tag along for an instruction or two and then gain a new interest in what is happening.  Still others may look into prenatal yoga or join yoga after having been isolated from friends or contacts after losing their job or after having a baby desiring the social venue to be active outside of the home.

2. Physical motivators – there are numerous health benefits to practicing yoga including weight loss, blood pressure regulation, heart health, blood sugar stabalization as well as a part of overall healthy lifestyle choices that can also involve exercise and dietary improvements.

3. Mental/Emotional motivators – you've heard the terms 'calming mind' or 'peaceful bliss' which can certainly be experienced by regular practicing of yoga. 

Interesting to me is the fact that most people I know choose beginners yoga because of friends or for the physical benefits but then discover the incredible emotional benefits of being more in tune with your mind and body only AFTER the fact.

Certainly, you ability to succeed in your career, relationships, friendships, and other major goals in your life is heavily influenced by factors directly targeted by yoga and meditation – as is pointed out in the top selling 'Beyond Greatness' where achievement can directly be enhanced using techniques of yoga and meditation.

Specifically, here are 10 benefits you expect to realize from beginners yoga:

1. More positive outlook – suddenly you find yourself a much more positive person

2. Overall healthier attitude – I have found when regularly practicing yoga and meditation I automatically eat healthier, sleep better and find exercise much easier

3. Improve your circle of friends – it's always great to be around like-minded, positive people, you will find your own energy goes up because of this fact alone

4. Improved sleep – if you struggle getting to sleep or staying asleep when you get there, yoga and meditation can be of tremendous help to balancing out irregular sleep patterns

5. Weight loss – Both a direct and indirect impact of yoga instruction is weight loss, if you have tried other methods to no avail, give yoga a try

6. Better relationships – believe it or not you are likely driving away as many people as you are attracting – your behavior is directly influencing the behavior of others.  If you can change your mindset, outlook and by extension, your behavior, you will be amazed to see what great relationships you can attract into your life.

7. Get 'Unstuck' – I know so many people that get stuck in a rut and lose the feeling to want to do better or have more fun, once that feeling is lost it's very hard to get back – yoga and meditation is one of the few techniques that can bring your life back into balance again and get you 'unstuck'

8. Achieve greater things – suddenly I was able to achieve promotions at work, start my own busineses, become a sports coach when I never thought I was capable of these things in the past.  The benefits of yoga and meditation toward overall life achievement is well documented in 'Beyond Greatness'

9. Sense of calmness – are you nervous all the time?  Are there situations, times or people that make you very anxious and you wished that you could be more in control of yourself?  Yoga and meditation can bring that control back into your life.

10. Mental clarity – Yoga training is terrific for helping you to live in the moment instead of having a 'fuzzy' or wandering mind.  Clarity allows you to be sharp, on the ball, witty and attract others to you who like you for being so down to earth.

There are many other benefits of yoga, these are only 10 of the most important we've discovered in our own lives and the lives of those around us.  So, if you have been considering beginners yoga but have not yet taken the leap, consider this long list of benefits as an added incentive for getting started right away. 

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